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My knee pain started the day after a big swim meet while running in PE. First, we thought it was due to overuse, so I stopped sports and activities. As soon as I started up again, my knee hurt! It was tendonitis, and Advanced Physical Therapy gave me exercises to get rid of the pain. They worked on legs and hips to loosen them up and get my hip functioning correctly. With every treatment, my knees got better. Now I can do everything I did before even better!

–Emma C.

After tearing my left meniscus, I hobbled into Advanced Physical Therapy with the aid of a hiking stick. Every step was sheer agony. Initially, the pain was constant, excruciating at times; however, I chose to avoid surgery in favor of physical therapy because I had heard of the wonderful therapy here from friends. I wanted to be able to recover fully and resume my active life of walking, dancing, hiking, and swimming. The combination of careful coaching, tissue/muscle work, and a regular program of exercises have prevented surgery and have me moving with greater ease. I actually danced for an hour a few weeks ago with only minor discomfort, and I can run up to three miles at this point. Three months well spent! I am confident that by following the plan, I will be more mobile and active than I was even before the injury. The best part is that all at APT work as an effective, skillful and compassionate team.  And no surgery for me!
–Michele S.

I came to APT initially concerned with left foot drop and clicking in my right leg. Thanks to the manual therapy and the specific exercises I was given, the foot drop is no longer a problem, and the click is barely present. The care here is excellent—top notch—and I achieved my goal to resume all my normal activities.
–Jim B.

I had been told my knees should be replaced. I do not wish to undergo this surgery. APT has helped me relearn how to move and walk properly to strengthen the muscles that support my knees. I can now hike for about one hour at a time, and I feel good all over. My doctor told me I no longer need the surgery at this time, and since I am able to be more active, I have also lost 10 pounds! Go see APT before you get surgery!
–Janice B.

When I first came here my feet were hurting mainly in the mornings and evenings. Sometimes the evening pain was so bad I could hardly walk. I had difficulty walking long distances. After treatment and working with the APT staff, I no longer have pain in the evenings, I can take long walks, and I know how to work out the morning stiffness by doing the specific stretches they taught me. I feel fantastic. Thanks, APT.
–Joyce M.

After coming to APT, I can run long distances again for soccer so I get to play almost the whole game again. Since my hamstrings and calf muscles are looser and I know how to keep them that way, I can also do everything at dance again. Advanced Physical Therapy helped me get back to all my activities pain free and actually perform better at them.
–Mackenzie M.