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I experienced pain and weakness when lifting or turning my shoulder. Sleeping was a real issue. I couldn't get comfortable laying on either side - left or right. After just a few treatments, I was sleeping better. Now I can actually sleep through the night. Movement exercises were great. Manipulation and manual therapy helped tremendously. I highly recommend APT!

I came to Advanced Physical Therapy for shoulder and neck pain. They were quick to diagnose my problem and gave me the tools to improve my symptoms. The chronic tightness in my neck and upper back have been drastically reduced thanks to functional manual therapy. I really appreciate the great care from the APT team. The office staff is is very welcoming, and the facility is great! Thank you very much.

Ruma A

I have suffered from chronic neck pain for at least five years to alleviate the pain, I tried chiropractic, medications, physical therapy (elsewhere), acupuncture, and neuro-muscular massage. Advanced Physical Therapy was the first and only to tell me what I was actually doing wrong all these years. The manual treatment and exercises they gave me have greatly decreased my pain. When I explained a problem, I got an exercise to target those specific muscles, and I got instantaneous relief. I am very pleased with the friendly, helpful staff, the assistance I have been given, and the information I have received. I am most pleased with the results.

Renee A.H.

I was totally miserable when first beginning my treatments with APT. I had mysterious pains throughout my head, prompting me to consult a neurologist for the first time in my life. I dreaded going to bed at night, since laying my head and neck on the pillow was painful and very uncomfortable. Sometimes I’d be up half of the night, seeking relief with aspirin and other painkillers. After going to APT for a number of weeks, my condition has much improved. The mysterious head pains have disappeared, and I can retire at night without dread. I want to thank everyone at Advanced Physical Therapy for their kindness and help.
Francis N.

I started playing tennis again after a 12-year hiatus. After the first time out I hurt my shoulder but continued to play. A personal trainer I was using suggested I go to a therapist at APT about my injury. I was in terrible pain when I began working with my therapist. After 5 - 6 sessions, my shoulder is stronger than ever. I have recommended my therapist at APT to several friends already. With their knowledge and manual rehab techniques, they are the best I have seen.

I had a lot of sharp pain in my neck and shoulder from sitting in front of the computer all day, everyday. Through my physical therapy appointments and by being conscientious about doing my exercises, my condition improved so gradually and completely that it took me by surprise. One of the most valuable things about Advanced Physical Therapy is they taught me to be aware of what I’m doing wrong and learning what exercises to do to improve long-standing bad habits. I’m a huge proponent of APT!
Lindsey K.
After one month...I am about 75% improved from the first visit. I have been taught how to sleep, stand, sit and drive differently in order to ease the neck and shoulder pain and also the right hand and right upper arm numbness. The various exercises I was given have helped a lot and with further at home exercising I feel that I can now handle my problem. Thank you. I will certainly think of APT if the need for your patient services should arise again in my life.
Dorothie P.