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I had been having intermittent low back and hip pain for about six weeks when I foolishly embarked upon a fence building project that involved driving metal posts into the ground with a sledgehammer. This resulted in upper back and rib cage pain that was very severe and caused pain when sleeping, bike riding and even breathing. I was diagnosed at first with a “serratus strain” and later with “slipping rib syndrome.” The prognosis was fairly grim. Well, after weekly physical therapy sessions at APT and lots of “home work,” I have little to no ribcage/lower back pain and only mild, occasional hip discomfort. I have resumed my full range of activities, including cycling, gardening, and martial arts. Thank you for giving my life back, APT.

Allen W.

When I came to APT 6 months ago, I was in constant hip pain. Three or four Advil and a glass of scotch were the only thing that gave me relief. Though I know the arthritis in my hip will not go away, APT has made the discomfort almost negligible. I can walk again with no pain, and I pretty much do everything I did before I had this problem. The overall success of this therapy has been nothing short of terrific.
–Craig B.

They have an insane knowledge of how the body works! My back hasn’t felt this good in years!
–Jennifer G.

After approximately 10 steroid injections in my back where I have 3 bulging discs and spinal stenosis, my pain persisted and got no better. My doctor referred me to Advanced Physical Therapy. After 15-17 visits, my back is completely pain free. Their treatment techniques are amazing. I will continue my stretching and exercise program they taught me to keep my back in check.
–Gary E.

When I was referred to APT, I did not put much hope into seeing one more physical therapist. I had been to so many over the years. Physical therapy never worked. But I was in so much pain no matter what I did. The next step would have been spinal surgery. When I start at APT, I could not sit, stand, lift, or even care for my own children. I was on daily pain meds. Three months later, I am functioning at a higher level than I have in years! My back pain is nearly gone. I have resumed all my old activities, and I am doing things I haven’t done in 10 years. This staff is awesome. Their knowledge, skill and expertise are unparalleled. APT is a very positive palace to rehabilitate with real therapy that works. I will not need surgery, and I am enjoying life again. Thank you APT!
–Christina B.

I had been to many physical therapists prior to visiting APT, and I had never made much success. Well I have made lifelong progress here. Advanced Physical Therapy has taught me how to manage and prevent my lower back pain. These unique exercises are key to recovery. Luckily, you are trained by professionals whose instructions make the exercises easy to learn. They can be done almost anytime and anywhere making it more likely that I will stick to using them. APT has emphasized “awareness” of each area of my back and taught me the correct ways to do everyday chores and other activities that avoid straining my lower back.
–Barbra T.

When I first came to APT, I had very limited mobility from being in a back brace for 12 weeks. The manual therapy, stretching techniques, and specific exercises loosened up my back muscles and movement to a point of greater mobility than what I had even before I got the brace. Without Advanced Physical Therapy, I don’t believe I would have gotten back to playing soccer and definitely not as fast and well as I did.
–Josh H. G.

When I first came to APT for treatment a year ago, I was suffering from debilitating back pain. As a very active young adult, it was difficult to accept the limitations of my diagnosis. Through intense therapy with APT, I have regained nearly all of the function I had prior to my spine surgery 6 months ago, and I have very little pain. If you commit to the time and discipline required to do your exercises and stretches, the results from what I have learned here are life changing!
–Christa B.

APT worked magic on my back, and I am so much better. Their holistic and comprehensive approach to physical therapy has been far more effective than all the other physical therapy experiences I have had. The team at Advanced Physical Therapy is truly committed to your improvement and recovery. They are skilled, knowledgeable and very positive. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at APT. See for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!
–Janet C.